Fastfood & Café fair 2017

We visited at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre 8-9.3. Fairs have improved every year and now it seems that many of the visitors agreed with me on that. There was plenty to see and taste, but few things especially made an impact. First was Tabasco coffee. Yes, a coffee with chocolate and a hint of Tabasco-heat in it 🙂  Amazing 🙂  I drink way too much coffee way it is but this invention increase my thirst of coffee even more. I have always wondered why should you change something that already works, but obviously nobody is gonna invent bicycle all over, just adding led-lights can make it seem like a spaceship. In this case it did.


Food-wise it is obvious that we are heading towards era that is all for vegans. There was cakes, pies, meatballs and ”meat” made out of chickpeas, carrots, beetroots and lettuce. If it tastes good and it´s not too expensive of course it is good invention cause as we know this meat eating will be the end of us all eventually.

But there’s part I just can’t understand is why it is necessary to make synthetic meat out of veggies?  Why it truly needs to look like a chicken breast with  muscle fibers that people want it? Is it to confuse meat-eaters, or is it to piss off vegans and their preferences? Is carrot too ugly to be eaten as it is that we need to put a chicken-jumpsuit on it that we can leave with the idea?

Overall fair were great, got a lot of contacts, got a lot of new business ideas and meet lot of cool people. Finland is such a small country that in fair like this you’ll meet everybody, from your homies of restaurant school to future employees. That’s what we did and we had a blast 😉

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1 Comment on Fastfood & Café fair 2017

  1. joanlindablog // maaliskuu 10, 2017 11:22 pm // Vastaus

    This one is very funny. Love the carrot in a chicken jumpsuit.



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