Feedback is always shit?

Last days in Waikkal, Ranweli I wrote a feedback ”to whom this may concern..”Yes, I let it all out. I wrote about disappointment to the food in Ranweli, our escape to the Hikkaduwa because of the food and food that their competitioners were serving in the area. As an entreprenour I have had my share of feedbacks. When feedback is just: ” this is shit or I don’t like this” It truly doesn’t matter. That’s not a feedback. You always need to explain, prove that you know what you are talking about, suggest how to improve and try to find at least one positive thing to say.

There was a lot of things that I didn’t say but I said enough 😉 Trust me, It’s kind of a problem of mine. Last day we spend in Ranweli’s beach. First we tried to go to the pool, but poolboys said kids can’t were t-shirts in there. At the same time it seemed to be okay that punch of muslim men were swimming with their jeans and leatherbelts in the pool

It is the filthiest beach in the area. Three poolboys were sitting under the palm tree and watching us. We were screaming to the kids cause they were rubbing black sand to each others. Oil makes sand black. We were so ready to leave 😦

Finally we were with our luggages in the reception. From the office comes a suiteman to me and says he has received my email. He is not angry, but he doesn’t apologize either. He says that he is extremely grateful for the feedback, that is the only way how to improve.Then he gives me the brochure as a souvenir. There are exactly same photos that were the origin reason why my husband had picked the Ranweli at the first place. Photos from years ago, Lovely clean beach and exotic and etheric pictures of surroundings.

Eco-friendly holiday eco-catastrophy village!!

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