Noodles in safety box?

Yes, we are back at Ranweli 😉

Hikkaduwa was amazing and beautiful area. Really clean with fantastic beach, nice people, good service, good food and smooth atmosphere everywhere. Best rice n curry was at restaurant Moon Beam, and we found amazing burger place called Tiki Burger (which is owned by two lovely dutch ladys).

We also went 25 kilometers south to Galle to see a bit of historical places and all the dutch built buildings,.. reminded us of Europe. Especially great places to go is for example dutch build old hospital which they had renovated in to this food court -mini mall, Galle harbour area and Galle fort. We ate by the beach at restaurant called Tartaruga in Unawatuna. Food was not that good in there and really overprized compared to Hikkaduwa beach areas restaurants. Kids liked also our ” mini-holiday” and leaving back felt almost like a punishment 🙂

When we got back in our villa in Ranweli, all the clams that kids gathered were on our porch and noodles that we are not allowed to eat in here were in the safety box, just like we left them.

Funny thing happened while we were swimming in Ranweli’s pool area. There’s people from all over the world, german, dutch, swedish, us, etc. and a lady in a burkha with her family. This one german lady comes there, takes her robe off and she’s wearing bikinis that are USA flag-coloured. Literally everyone watches her with extreme bad eye. Sort of funny, that those bikini’s seem now worst then wearing a burkha.

Yes Mr Trump, you are number one to talk about this side of world too.

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