While on vacation, we need a holiday..

I don’t know what went wrong? Was it us? Isolation? High expectations? People of Negombo/Waikkal? Food or all of those things???

I do not recommend Ranweli private island eco-friendly holiday village to anyone 😦 Food is mostly horrible, people are mainly men ( we are amazed where are all women?)and they give the worst service ever. When I think about  Ranweli as an island, it has all the qualities of extraordinary paradise, but soul and spirit are lacking, you feel isolated and almost like a prisoner in a very expensive island. Eco-friendly idea is maqnificent, but customer service business is after all CUSTOMER SERVICE BUSINESS.

Couple of things started to piss us off:

1. Nobody smiles at you. As a finnish person I should be used to that, but on a vacation that’s unexeptable and with these prices it’s a fu”#€#ng crime.

2. Food was so terrible that I bought package of noodels for my kids. When I asked a plate and fork to our room restaurant manager interrigated me like I was committing a crime!?

3.  At breakfast  I asked soy sauce for my kid, they refuced, cause ”morning buffet doesn’t include that”. Again I felt like a prisoner, It pissed me off and I reminded them that this is a four star hotel and good service means that they should give me that soy 🙂 After a while they finally  gave me soy

So we took half of our things and headed to south. After long and pumpy road thru countryside, we had to clean car cause our kid vomit there, but we had finally arrived at Hikkaduwa. The beach has two sides. There’s a tourist beach and  there’s a hippie beach where we are currently staying. Sun is shining, wawes are awesome and people are smiling:)


There’s more pics in instagram @fearlessfinnblog  

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