What does eco friendly holiday village mean?

Traveling often means bad things for world’s ecosystem beginning from the flying itself. So even it is fun, exotic and mind opening to travel, you should do decisions that are if not  world saving, but at least conscious in some level. I was thrilled when I found out that we are staying in this eco-friendly holiday village Ranweli in Sri Lanka. We have been in similar kind of exclusive villa-places before, but this type of place and country itself is new to us. 

So, there’s plenty of brochures about actions that they do for environment and different awards that this hotel has won for those nobel causes. This is not the cheapest place to be which makes you think about what you get with your money?,  how does it help environment?  If you give up on some privileges, Is it still a holiday? As a tourist things that are different than in regular hotel would be these: There’s no plastic bags in garbage sinks, towels and sheets are changed only if you ask them to do so, they avoid using detergents and rinsing liquids that are harmful to environment. That is possible to notice  from the fact that floors are not that clean and pool doesn’t smell chlorine as it normally would. Cool thing is that every building seems to use solar power. At the same time recycling is not quite there yet. For example our family produces at least 15 plastic bottles for a day of waste here and they all go to the same bin?!

Their approach towards animals in the area is quite different too. There’s a lot of squirrels that are very protective of their territory and very bold. They steel every bit of snack they see, and even from your hand. Than there is about hundred birds that are swimming in the same pool that we are . It freaks me out because it just seems that they could carry dangerous deceases and at least it’s a bit unhygienic to be swimming with birds that poo and swim at the same time?  As a mother of two I have realized that I would choose my kids, not birds. Also it pissed me off when squirrel stole my kids lunch. The fact that there’s no plastic bags protecting garbage is not that big of a deal, but then again if my kid would be still wearing diapers it would probably be.

Those are pretty little things that bother me, but in a big picture if there would be more  environment conscious hotels and resorts  we could save a bit of this world, wouldn’t we? Then again, if my family gets ill because of those birds in the pool, i’ll give a rats ass about saving those creatures of nature. I guess we all just have to try our best 😉

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