Waikkal, Sri Lanka :)

Skiing holiday in Finland is the perfect excuse to jump in a plane and get hell away from skiing opportunities. We just did that 🙂 We are actually having a holiday in a private island quite near of Colombo.  The place is called Ranweli, ecofriendly, four stars holiday village. When we arrived it was night, so everything seemed pretty shady and bizarre. When morning arrived it sure seemed to be a tiny paradise, isolated of everything.

Breakfast is a buffet filled with influences from India. As a buffet, it is quite a humble version, but there is bread, eggs, jam, different curry dishes, pancakes, watermelon and pineapple. Cook prepares different omelettes for demand. I have noticed that Sri Lanka omelette is a good way to start the day. Breakfast is pretty much same stuff everyday.

People are smiling and nice, but unlike traveling in Asia these people are quick to get your plate away, but not quick to prepare it. Everything is kind of a slow motion and in many ways travelling/tourist business is not yet in the same situation that it is in Asia. Shops are selling  pricey old fashioned stuff. Walking in a bazaar showed us that some of the shopkeepers seems to be quite desperate and their approach is a bit afraightening sometimes.

Similarity with Asia is also tuktuk-rides that we use every day. It sure isn’t the safest way, (safe way would be stay at home) but it’s fun. Couple of years ago we actually were in an accident with tuktuk in Hua Hin, Thailand and life is a valuable thing, I can tell you that.  In here though, they seem to be driving better. All the tuktuk’s are in very good shape and there’s no crashes to be seen anywhere even they do drive like crazy wacko’s.

After couple of nights we discovered that this ”shoe-size” spider had also done a reservation in our room. Because of him and his family we desided to change a room 😉

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