Eating with Tam To at Himalaya!

Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?  Truthfully, Tam is our good friend and a Chef from Tampere and Himalaya is a restaurant at Klaukkala, but food was quite good and satisfying 😉

At lunchtime and dinner they serve food by the plate , only salads are in the buffet. Portions are quite big and filling. Caraway bread and Naan bread are included in every dish, wich surprised us.

All five of us ordered mango lassi-drinks and we were happy about those. Tam ordered also a house drink, wich seemed  to be mango lassi with vodka. Tiny disappointment there, but overall a good experience. Kids liked almost everything , but especially homemade cottagecheese (paneer) was their favourite. I had chicken which was a bit dry, but garlic sauce was great. Boys were having some spicy lamb and it was a bit chewey, but tasteful nevertheless. Service was good and they spoke fluent english. Athmosphere is so typical Nepalese restaurant as it can be in the middle of Klaukkala, no surprises there.

We asked some extra chili for the food and they brought some. Overall restaurant is worth of going in this area and the fact that bread is included is awesome. With some tiny improvements with surroundings and portions appearances, they could increase their prizes easily.


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