Our love is so sweet that it would kill a diabetic!

We are fighting over cleaning. I get pissed off because he wants to empty dishwasher right away, he can’t stand loundry piles that I would be okay with, and he is obsessed when it comes to hoovering. I can’t stand him doing those things cause I think It should be me doing those things, but at the same time I hate those things. I hate it when he always tells me on his birthday, that it is he’s birthday. I usually start to cry, because I feel so bad about forgetting and then I get angry cause he didn’t tell me ahead. I’m worst wife ever, but I love him more then anything.

Me and my husband have been married tomorrow 80 months. It’s not long but It’s a start. We are going to celebrate it by eating in a restaurant.  Obviously, it wasn’t me who remembered make a reservation. We are happy and together. I’m not gonna thank God, our luck or our parents about it. I’m happy for us, cause we did it . Life is too long to be alone and too short to be with someone wrong. We have had a rough last year. Short version would be: two waterdamages, three burnouts, legal proceedings with our house last owner and few miner personal problems.

World is going crazy by the minute and beautiful and pure things are often hard to see.  My husband is my best friend, my  collegue, business partner and my paramore.

I made this ” petit plateau amoreux” for him. Main ingredients are quark, crumble, berries and balsamicsyrup which I seasoned with liqourice. These are all my sweethearts favourite flavours. Have a great weekend!

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Olen 37 vuotta nuori, kokki, yrittäjä, äiti, vaimo ja nyt siis myös blogisti ;) Kaikki nuo yllämainitut ovat muokanneet minusta sen mitä nyt olen. Kyyninen, itsekeskeinen, väsynyt, tarkkanäköinen ja hauska aina väärällä hetkellä. Tämä on blogi missä kerron asiat kuten ne itse näen, liittyen elämän kaikkiin alueisiin, mutta lähinnä kuitenkin ruokaan. Olen suomalainen parhaassa iässä ja aikamoinen pastanjauhaja ;) Tervetuloa :)


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