Hardest recipe of them all:)

It is so hard to do right choises. Nothing really is black and white, but sometimes it’s easier just think that way, so you are able to make  decesions. It’s hard to eat right, it’s hard to exercise enough, it’s hard to grow up your kids right, am I right?

It is easier to say yes than no!

Hoping and wishing just are not enough.Weather you are mom or president your decisions have a butterfly effect. Like all great leaders, moms are trying to be better than their predecessors. I believe that open discussion is a key to everything. There just doesn’t exist recipe for perfect upbringing. If there would be one that suites everybody wouldn’t we all jump on it?

Tricky thing is to get kids to eat veggies and fruits. Trust me, Chef’s kids are not an exception. When you let them participate, results may surprise you 🙂

Here is a fruitsalad recipe that you can do with your kids and you almost have to 🙂

All you need is a lots of different fruits and good consommé over it.

Pick fruits that your kids like. Our family loves apple, grapes, kiwi, blueberrys and banana.

Consommé: Put about 3 cups of water in a caddle. Measure 1/2 cup of brown sugar in there. Add couple spoons of cinnamon and  scrape one vanilla bean in to the mixture.

Let it stir for a while and then cool it down. It doesn’t have to be cold as ice,cause fruits absorbe better those nice flavors when consommé is little bit warm.

Pour it over the fruits and let it flavor up couple of hours before eating.

Don’t waste vanilla bean!! You can put it in a pot with white sugar and after couple days you’ll have vanilla sugar!

This is so easy, but if you want to make it more fancy or serve it as a dessert make a sabayonne sauce and some crunchy tuille cookie. Assemble those on top of your fruitsalad and serve them from martini glasses.

Good and fairly simple option is also just serve it with ice cream:)

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Olen 37 vuotta nuori, kokki, yrittäjä, äiti, vaimo ja nyt siis myös blogisti ;) Kaikki nuo yllämainitut ovat muokanneet minusta sen mitä nyt olen. Kyyninen, itsekeskeinen, väsynyt, tarkkanäköinen ja hauska aina väärällä hetkellä. Tämä on blogi missä kerron asiat kuten ne itse näen, liittyen elämän kaikkiin alueisiin, mutta lähinnä kuitenkin ruokaan. Olen suomalainen parhaassa iässä ja aikamoinen pastanjauhaja ;) Tervetuloa :)

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  1. Enjoying your blog, Ellen, and very happy it is in English.



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